Fall 2019 Visits

This Fall we’ve laid out an ambitious plan to visit most of our network Member organizations. Between Jamie, Murray and Daniella, we will be in Laos, Nepal, Philippines, DR Congo, Lesotho and Malawi all before Christmas.

Our goal is to provide further training, as well as to fine tune our reporting and communication practices. In some cases we are meeting with new prospective network members. These are generally people or organizations we know who are practicing ABCD and would like to benefit from the training and resourcing that we offer.

As a point of interest, we’ve begun work with Internally Displaced People (IDP’s) in the Congo interior. The old ABCD adage that “nobody has nothing” will be tested to the extreme. The belief is that by beginning with what they have (social networks, local knowledge, access to resources, leadership skills, etc) these IDP populations will be better equipped to manage their vulnerability and eventually transition home.

Stay tuned on social media. We look forward to sharing some of the success stories built on nothing but local assets and the grace of God.