empowering community transformation from the inside out


We are a group of community builders and activists who are passionate about thriving, healthy communities. Working in a variety of countries and cultures, our leaders are focused on working with the most vulnerable populations.

Because we begin with the vision and assets of the local people, our work takes on many forms –  from health care and agriculture, to social justice, fair trade and entrepreneurship.

The common thread across our network is a shared belief that sustainable developmental outcomes are best achieved when the vision, knowledge, skills and resources come from the community itself. Community Development from the “inside-out”.


Transformed communities begin with transformed people. When poor or otherwise vulnerable people recognize the value of who they are, and what they have, they discover the hope and agency to better their lives. When an entire community is invited into this process, the potential for change is limitless.

Our goal is not only to achieve developmental outcomes, but more importantly to establish the mechanism for sustainable community development into the future. As we help communities to mobilize their own people and assets, they develop social capital – the links of mutual trust, interdependency and community action that are necessary for long-term success.  


“There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish, but what are they for so many?”  -John 6:9

A community of people had gathered together to hear Jesus teach, and the day was growing long. Knowing the people needed to eat to hear his message, Jesus asked “where are we to buy bread, so that these people can eat?” To the disciples, the problem was insurmountable.

Motivated by compassion, a child, perceived as completely inadequate to contribute, gave what little he had – two loaves of bread and five fish. This offering Christ used as the seed of what he would accomplish – feeding over 5000 people.

This is 5N2. The courage of a small child to open his hands and extend all that he had for the sake of others. No matter how insignificant it may have seemed, his offering was multiplied into a blessing for many.



God’s love transforms us to see beyond our own needs and insecurities to discover the transformative possibilities inside of each person and their community.


Both the vision and the initiative for the development of the community comes from within the community itself.


Individual assets – physical, social, material, financial, spiritual – are the starting point for every community project.


Inter-dependency and mutual trust are critical to achieving our shared goals



We take an innovative approach to fighting poverty whereby every community development process begins with local vision and resources. Grants are made available later on, once communities have shown the ability to mobilize for change and initiate their own development processes.

Working with our local partners, we train and assist these vulnerable communities to identify their shared vision and assets. By focusing on assets internal to the community (social, material, cognitive, physical, spiritual, financial), we are able to achieve sustainable development outcomes that are envisioned and empowered by the local community itself.

We do this primarily by:  


Training and supporting local community leaders in an Asset-Based Community-Driven (ABCD) development approach.


Providing organizational support and development for organizations that are part of our network.


Awarding phase 2 grants for successful community-initiated projects.


Jamie Munday

Executive Director

Dr. Murray Nickel

Board Chairman

Daniella Fast



A Healthy Change in Kenge

5N2 TRAINING LEADS TO A CLINIC IN DR CONGO On our recent trip to Congo, we visited a community called Kenge, halfway between Kikwit and Kinshasa. Like many other communities in this area, the people of Kenge lacked access to adequate health care. The closest hospital was too far away and too expensive, leaving the...
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Job Posting for ‘5N2’ Program Manager / Administrator

5N2 Network is extending its reach and we need your help. We’re looking to hire a part time Program Manager / Administrator to work with our BIG / LITTLE team of global initiators. Were BIG, because we’re a network of member organizations from around the world. But we’re also LITTLE, because we are lean and...
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A Traffic Jam Gift

Being stuck in traffic can be so irritating. It’s money, profit and work all being put on hold. For people in developing countries, it’s the difference between having food, medical care and shelter… or not.   In the bustling city of Kinshasa, John, a welder, and most of his welder friends do their work on the...
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Fall 2019 Visits

This Fall we’ve laid out an ambitious plan to visit most of our network Member organizations. Between Jamie, Murray and Daniella, we will be in Laos, Nepal, Philippines, DR Congo, Lesotho and Malawi all before Christmas. Our goal is to provide further training, as well as to fine tune our reporting and communication practices. In...
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Canadian High School Students Learn ‘ABCD’ Principles

Did you know that British Columbia’s new kindergarten – grade 12 curriculum includes a course on Social Justice?  Oh how I wish we had courses like that when I was a teenager. In fact, research shows that this next generation has a resounding focus on empathy, especially on marginalized people groups. Each course in this...
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Something from Nothing

There is garbage everywhere on the streets of Mont-Ngafula, an extremely poor neighbourhood in Kinshasa, the capital city of the DR Congo. Known for its high crime rate and impassable roads, the neighborhood has been in decline for decades.  But something is changing in Mont-Ngafula. Toss Mukwa is a Congolese development worker who believes that...
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Re-Thinking Charity

Positioned carefully in the vacillating shadow of a large palm tree, the three of us exchanged stories as we sought relief from the afternoon sun. As we began to walk back into the classroom, the young Congolese student lowered his head slightly, cupped his hands together and submissively requested a few dollars to provide a...
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John Fumana – D.R. Congo

Interviewed by Julie Nickel Organization As a part of the 5N2 Network, John oversees a team of development practitioners who are working to shift the mentality of the poor from needs to assets. Through his organization, CRAID (Centre de Réflexion et d’Appui aux Initiatives de Développment), he works at the community level to provide training...
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5N2 is committed to financial integrity and transparent stewardship of the resources entrusted to us. We believe in accountability and commitment to our partners both in reporting and appropriate allocation of financial contributions.

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Your funding of 5N2 allows us to engage some of the world’s most vulnerable communities with a radical approach to fighting poverty. 

By training, coaching and guiding communities to mobilize their own vision and assets, they are able to achieve developmental outcomes with no external inputs. Because all our administrative costs are generously paid for, the entirety of your donation will go directly to our work in the field.